Eastern European escort agency in London

Many of the girls living in the UK have Eastern European origins. A good number of them had already applied and became part of the UK escorts industry. If you want to see these girls in all their splendour, just check out a London escort agency website and you’ll see them.

Their special services are listed accordingly, so that you can avail of such whenever you feel like it. What’s more, most of the escort girls are young and pretty.

Trends have shown that Eastern European escort models are the ones most sought after in the UK. It could be because Latin beauties are becoming quite common in the area and English men are out to try a different type of adventure.

Independent UK escorts are free to enlist their services to as many escort agency websites they want. They are not under the agency but they are usually required to pay inclusion fees in order to advertise their self and their services.

If you’re in luck, you might even find Eastern European ladies belonging to the fashion models.


When Escorts Need More than Beauty

All escorts need to be beautiful and sexy. That’s a given. But then again, there are certain clients who don’t want these two qualities alone. They require something far bigger and better from the escorts that they’ll hire.

Men of affluence and power prefer women who can act according to their league. And that means they have to feel at ease amongst the company of other rich and influential men. They also need to possess the intellect that could match their own. And most importantly, they should be able to wear appropriately for the occasion. Without these qualifications, the wealthy men, the same ones who can very well afford the service, won’t hire the escort at all – even if she’s the most beautiful girl in the pack.

The escort service industry is more than physical attraction and companionship. It also requires mental capability and talent. Escort girls who are going to excel in this industry are the ones who are physically attractive and mentally stimulating. If you have both these traits, then you are the lady perfect for the job.

All escort agencies would like to have the type of girl every client is looking for. This is why there are VIP escorts, high class escorts, and regular, lower rate escorts in the roster. If you would like to join in the fun, either as the client or as an escort, you need to have the characters and mindset necessary.


Why J-webdesigns.com content manager is better then WordPress ?

Nowadays a lot of people choose WordPress(WP) content management system because it is easy to use, operate and cheaper to build. Is it really? We think it is not and this is why.

First of all, WP is an open source product and millions of people can get it for free and also determine the weakest parts of it. WP is vulnerable if you don’t update it frequently but if you do you face another problem: not all plugins and themes adapt quick to the updates and they simply can stop working. When plugins don’t work your website struggles, does not operate as it should be and your clients become unsatisfied. You need to have a lot of programming knowledge if you want to edit and adapt the plugins to the newest WP versions. When themes don’t work well the website does not look good. Of course, you can leave the website as it is and never update it but as we wrote above the website will become very vulnerable and an easy catch for hackers. Also, a lot of plugins of your WP website slow down loading time and it harms Google rankings.

Secondly, some things on the WP CMS simply don’t work. OK, they can work but it will cost you more then to build a whole custom website. The WP code is very tough and you need to have some knowledge not only in PHP but in WP’s framework and CSS also. For example, J-webdesigns Content management system has Reviews, Calendars and Bookings features. All the information regarding those features goes to content management and user is able to edit/remove the information from the inside. In WP you can’t get such features or at least I didn’t see this anywhere on any escort agency website in London and UK.

WP has a Twitter plugin but it is just a ‘click a button feature’. Our twitter feature automatically generates the posts and you don’t need to create them yourself. Our Twitter feature counts every update on the website and posts it on Twitter website: new reviews, new profiles, news, updates on profiles. You save time and money. That will not be an easy task to WP content management system or at least I didn’t see it anywhere on any other escort agency website in UK.

Overall, WP content management system is not flexible and hard to deal with. WP might be cheap in the beginning but if you will want to update your website in future be ready to spend some pretty money.

I feel surprised when people pay money for installing WP websites. Why to pay money for what is free? Think and choose wisely.