Calming nerves before a date

Spending the evening with a beautiful woman can be a nerve-racking experience. Whether you’ve heard horror stories from friends or had bad experiences of your own, first date nerves can be tough. Thankfully we’ve got the ultimate guide to calming your nerves before a date with London escorts.

Get to know her – a good way to calm your nerves is to get to know the female that you’ll be meeting. One way to do this is to read her profile on the website. Of course, it’ll always be hard when you first meet but knowing a few details first will certainly help.


Go to the gym – having a run on the treadmill for 15 or 20 minutes can really help to take your mind off things. It’ll also warm you up by working your muscles. If you’re a regular at the gym, you might even be able to seek out a friend swap some stories. A good workout will guarantee you feel a lot more relaxed and that’s guaranteed to ease the nerves.

Listen to your favourite music – music always helps to change your mood. There are certain albums that are guaranteed to make you feel excited, others make you feel sad and of course there are others that can help relax you. You’ve no doubt got a few songs that can help you relax so we suggest listening to these before leaving for your date. You never know, the music you listen to may even be your fiancée’s favourite!


Try a little light reading – now we’re not talking about picking up an in-depth novel. Grab one of your favourite magazines and then simply sit back and relax. Magazines are particular good because they give you a great deal to look at too, helping you to take your mind off of your impending date with escorts. If, however you’re someone who prefers a good paperback book to a magazine, then go for it. Whatever makes you feel better.

Go for a walk – whether you’ve got a dog to walk or not, heading out for a gentle stroll can really help relax you. Dogs do however, make a good companion and can help take your mind off things too. If you don’t have a dog, or simply aren’t an animal person, why not invite a friend? Tell them about your date. Whether you choose to reveal it’s with a female escort is up to you.


Phone a friend – now we’re not talking about “Who wants to be a millionaire”. We’ve all got that one friend, that friend that can make us laugh no matter what. A little laughter with someone familiar is perfect. This will not only help take your mind off your date but will help relax you too. They might even be able to offer some of their own advice too.