Your companion in London

“Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, that I love London so” goes the famous cockney song and there is most certainly much to love about London and its two-thousand-year history. Samuel Johnson the eighteenth century sage said “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life for there is in London all that life can afford”. Only the very best elite escorts are sufficiently knowledgeable to give you a serious tour of UK’s capital.

London and New York share the distinction of being the two largest financial centers in the World as well as having the best theater and being the most cosmopolitan cities on earth. Over three hundred languages are spoken in London which has a population of approximately eight million and has more tourists each year than it has inhabitants. For over a century until 1825 London was the largest city in the world and still has the busiest air space and the most passengers of any metropolitan city.


The museums and art galleries of London are legendary. It has been said and, not always jokingly, that the British Museum has more Egyptology on display than there is in Egypt. Also shown are the much disputed Elgin Marbles artifacts which Greece has been reclaiming for more than a century. The National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, the British Museum, the Courtauld collection, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert to mention just a few, are all among the finest in the world.

The Tower of London which survived the great fire of London in 1666 has myriad stories and also houses the Crown Jewels. One of London’s great tourist attractions, it dates back to the twelfth century. Here the little princes were murdered. Guarded by the famous Beefeaters the tower is history book by itself.

As the seat of the mother of all Parliaments London’s contribution to democracy and to the United Kingdom’s unwritten constitution is monumental. Westminster, which was the Royal home before the Hanoverian acquisition of Buckingham Palace is still the center of British government, and also the home of the Protestant Westminster Abbey the home of many Royal weddings and funerals and its Roman Catholic equivalent Westminster Cathedral. Along with Sir Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral which was completed at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Abbey, on which the Normans started construction in the eleventh century, is London’s most famous church.

As capital of the largest Empire known to man for some two hundred years, London also enjoys the distinction of being the capital of the only European country not to have been invaded for over nine hundred years. This in turn is the source of many legends. The Blitz of 1940 during which the German’s bombed London killed some thirty thousand people and as the Royal Air Force battled the Luftwaffe over London Prime Minister Winston Churchill coined the immortal phrase “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” which was Broadcast by the BBC (the world’s first television station started in 1936) from 10, Downing Street the famous home of British Prime Ministers also in Westminster.
As you drive up Whitehall past the Cenotaph commemorating the fallen of the first world war you pass Westminster Palace on your left where Charles the 1st was beheaded in 1649 uttering his immortal last word “Remember”. A little further o you reach Trafalgar Square, built to commemorate Nelson’s famous victory of 1805 a victory in which he lost his life and where his alleged last words “Kiss me Hardy” have been misquoted and argued about ever since. Not too far away at the end of the Strand is Somerset House on of the great private houses of the 17th century overlooking the Thames which house among other things the Courtauld Collection and used to be the headquarters of the Inland Revenue. Another much later masterpiece is Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath built by the Guinness Family; it is home to the most famous of the Rembrandt self portraits and also to one of the very rare paintings by Vermeer.


London is built on the Thames (which used to be much wider and more subject to flooding than it is now) and on a number of glorious Royal Parks: Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regents Park (which also house the world’s first public scientific zoo) Green Park, St James Park, Greenwich Park and Richmond Park. The Botanical Gardens in Richmond are another of London’s world heritage sights.

Whether it is Shakespeare’s Globe theater or the contemporary National Theater London has a tradition of great theater. The West End is renowned for its theater all over the world. The Windmill theater was the first London theater to show nudity and fan dancing and became famous during the second world war staying open throughout the Blitz with it motto “We never clothed”.
London is also renowned for its great concert halls among which are the Festival Hall and the Royal Albert Hall of which Sir Thomas Beecham the renowned conductor said, referring to its notorious echo. Said “Any composer should have the premiere of his work played at the Royal Albert Hall it is the only guarantee that it will be heard twice.
Most Londoners (58.2%) say they are Christian 8.5% are Muslim a fast growing presence 4.1% Hindu 1.5% Buddhist 2% Jewish and 1.5% Sikh. Over 15% say they have no religion at all.
The most extensive Underground system (over three million journeys a day) is part of the world’s largest public transport system which include the famous Double Decker busses and, although constantly criticized by the population, is the envy of many other cities and countries.
Nearly 70% of Londoners are white, mostly white British, although 2.5% are white Irish and nearly 11% are Black roughly half of African descent and 40% Caribbean in origin.

The perfect city date with your London escort


Some may consider Paris the most romantic city but London isn’t short of a few sensational spots that’s for sure. So if you’re looking for a little romance on your next date with one of stunning escort girls then here’s the perfect guide to a city date in London. We guarantee you’ll enjoy every single adventure even more so with one of busty London escorts on your arm too.

The Breakfast Date

Enjoying your date so far? Still dancing into the wee small hours? Don’t go home and ruin it, instead hang it out and enjoy a super early morning breakfast date! Wander around the Lutyens’ fountains in Trafalgar square, still crisp and undisturbed by the tourists. Then take a lovely short stroll to Arlington Street for a fancy brunch at somewhere like Le Caprice. If you find yourself in the Covent Garden area, check out the usually fully booked New York Bistro.

Breakfast is the only time that you can simply pop in without a booking and guarantee yourself a table without the tedious waiting. As cliché as it sounds, it really is the most beautiful time of day.

Late Morning Browsing

As you know, every girl likes to shop and that’s very true of our female escorts in London. Browse intimate boutiques, independent bookshops and find the romance bubbling. Heywood Hill in Mayfair is perfect for this. It’s snug and completely crammed with books. It’s a real shrine to London’s more bohemian literary scene. It’s a great place to experience, especially with someone special. The authenticity is amazing, especially when they wrap your books in brown paper. If you’re after a truly romantic experience, then head to Keats House in Hampstead. This is one of the prettiest spots in our city. It’s also where the young poet fell in love.

Love-up Lunch Dates

This is one of London escorts favourite dates. The lunch date is perfect as not only does it make things a little more casual and less pressure, but it can often surprise you with amazing food. Petersham Nurseries in Richmond offer fine dining amongst potted plants and artwork. A little closer to town however, you have Boundary, an amazing rooftop dining experience. Being here during the day time also allows you to see so much more of the city too.

Stressed out city workers tend to head for Mudchute Park and Farm. This is London’s best “country inn” type pub. It offers excellent food and amazing views.

Afternoon Truancy

Going against the grain is the key to excitement and romance. Taking the afternoon off work is the ideal way to do that! Climb the hill in Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory. Straddle both hemispheres on the Meridian Line while you’re there. Jump on the Thames Clipper and take in the city landmarks as you whiz by. An unrushed afternoon tea is also a great way to start the romance. Go for low key and exotic at a teahouse such as Teanumu Chaya Teahouse.

Hopefully this guide should make arranging your next date with one of high-class London escorts a little easier.

It should also help you inject a little romance too.

What is the best escort agency in Cardiff?

Cardiff is a beautiful and the largest city in Wales. There are lot of attractions and what to do for tourists in Cardiff. This city is also a great place to live – not so big, not expensive, full of culture and situated best in United Kingdom. What about the Nightlife? Of course, it is not like in London but still you can get some attractions here –  nightclubs, bars and not so expensive comparing to UK’s capitol. If you are visiting or plan to visit Wales capitol and think about to book a female for companionship I would like to recommend you Cardiff escorts agency where you can find only British girls. Not to be missed, the best escort agency in the area with a very helpful receptionist!


What Not to Do With an Escort

When it comes to any relationship, escort services or otherwise, consent is very important. A lot of clients think that anything and everything can happen with an escort. But of course, escort services come with limitations. You can’t just go ahead and do things with a girl without her approval.

In the escort industry, clients have to play with consent. The London escort you are with should be consulted when it comes to the activities that you want to transpire during the meet up. As much as possible, you should kindly ask. But don’t worry. Things may be arranged favorably with the proper negotiation.

The escort agency in London is very helpful and accommodating. They almost always agree to client’s requests for as long as they go by the rules. These rules are not dictated by the London escort agency anyway. It is the laws of the land that indicate what can be done and cannot be done with an escort girl.

However, there are a lot of things you can propose to your date to have fun. You two can go out on a dinner. Talk privately inside a hotel room or even party it out in a night club. These things are given and allowed. No adult consent necessary.

Eastern European escort agency in London

Many of the girls living in the UK have Eastern European origins. A good number of them had already applied and became part of the UK escorts industry. If you want to see these girls in all their splendour, just check out a London escort agency website and you’ll see them.

Their special services are listed accordingly, so that you can avail of such whenever you feel like it. What’s more, most of the escort girls are young and pretty.

Trends have shown that Eastern European escort models are the ones most sought after in the UK. It could be because Latin beauties are becoming quite common in the area and English men are out to try a different type of adventure.

Independent UK escorts are free to enlist their services to as many escort agency websites they want. They are not under the agency but they are usually required to pay inclusion fees in order to advertise their self and their services.

If you’re in luck, you might even find Eastern European ladies belonging to the fashion models.


Why content manager is better then WordPress ?

Nowadays a lot of people choose WordPress(WP) content management system because it is easy to use, operate and cheaper to build. Is it really? We think it is not and this is why.

First of all, WP is an open source product and millions of people can get it for free and also determine the weakest parts of it. WP is vulnerable if you don’t update it frequently but if you do you face another problem: not all plugins and themes adapt quick to the updates and they simply can stop working. When plugins don’t work your website struggles, does not operate as it should be and your clients become unsatisfied. You need to have a lot of programming knowledge if you want to edit and adapt the plugins to the newest WP versions. When themes don’t work well the website does not look good. Of course, you can leave the website as it is and never update it but as we wrote above the website will become very vulnerable and an easy catch for hackers. Also, a lot of plugins of your WP website slow down loading time and it harms Google rankings.

Secondly, some things on the WP CMS simply don’t work. OK, they can work but it will cost you more then to build a whole custom website. The WP code is very tough and you need to have some knowledge not only in PHP but in WP’s framework and CSS also. For example, J-webdesigns Content management system has Reviews, Calendars and Bookings features. All the information regarding those features goes to content management and user is able to edit/remove the information from the inside. In WP you can’t get such features or at least I didn’t see this anywhere on any escort agency website in London and UK.

WP has a Twitter plugin but it is just a ‘click a button feature’. Our twitter feature automatically generates the posts and you don’t need to create them yourself. Our Twitter feature counts every update on the website and posts it on Twitter website: new reviews, new profiles, news, updates on profiles. You save time and money. That will not be an easy task to WP content management system or at least I didn’t see it anywhere on any other escort agency website in UK.

Overall, WP content management system is not flexible and hard to deal with. WP might be cheap in the beginning but if you will want to update your website in future be ready to spend some pretty money.

I feel surprised when people pay money for installing WP websites. Why to pay money for what is free? Think and choose wisely.